Day 3 West Tokyo

We slept until 10:30. This was probably needed. Today we planned to visit the West part of Tokyo. With  the Tokyo Yamanote line. A train that goes around Tokyo in a circle and stops at the most interesting areas in Tokyo. Shibuya Our first stop is Shibuya. You have probably heard … More

Day 2 Real tourists :)

The jetlag has made us decide to do a real tourist day.  We do  not want to think or to investigate so  think or to investigate. So for the first time in our lives we have taken a tourbus with a guide that you have to follow in a group … More

Day 2 Tokyo Food

Breakfast No time for a real breakfast. So we bought sandwiches and drinks at the busstation. We have to say, good quality. The food at train and busstations is in general of a real high quality. As well for breakfast, lunch and diner. Tea ceremony at Happo-en Garden In this … More


After weeks of planning, investigating, watching youtube, reading travel blogs, we are that far now. In 7 days we will leave to Japan. Hotels are booked, ofcourse with the ‘cancel’ option because we always change plans on latest moments. We will travel mostly by bullet train with the Japan Rail … More

Translation possible

We both have another mothertongue and our friends and family too so we have added a translate option to this site. It uses google translate.