Day 4: Last day in Tokyo

Tsukiji market

Already the last day in Tokyo. What a wonderful city. We decided to visit the Tsukiji market, the biggest fish market of the world. It was on walking distance from our hotel. We also wanted to have breakfast there and to see some activity you have to be early. So at 09:00 we were walking around. The fishmarket is an enormous place with thousands of marketstands selling fish, souvenirs and food related stuff. Earlier in the morning is the daily fish auction but that is unfortunately not accesible for all tourists. A great thing to do is to have breakgast at the fishmarket and ofcource it is a beakfast with fish. We entered one of those very smalle little places and had a delicous breakfast with sushi, soup and fish.

Ueno Park

After the fishmarket we left to Ueno-park. Famous for the cherry blossom, temples and museums. We love to visit museums but in a country where is so much to see and to do we have to make choices so we skipped museums. Maybe further in the trip. Unfortunately the cherryblossom season has not yet started in Tokyo but there where already a few. The park itself is really beautiful and great to walk around, watching people and relax. However also here there is a lot of people.

Then we went to Kappabashi street. Famous for all kind of professional cooking tools and stuff but the most amazing is all the plastic food they make there. It is used by restaurants to show their menu’s in their windows. Really weird to see. Then a late lunch at a lunchroom, coffee and a sandwich. Almost like a european lunch.

The last area we wanted to visit is Akihabara, also called the electric town. This is the craziest we ever seen. A paradise for gamers and manga addicts. Enormous neon advertisements all with noise and screaming people. It is an unreal world. Impossible to describe. We even saw a group mario-karts passing by. I think when you are into gaming you will have the time of your life. We as spectators too by the way!

Then back to our Hotel and looking for a place to have our last dinner in Tokyo. We found a nice restaurant around the corner where they serve great meat. In a nice seperated romantic area with a fire in the middle in where we could grill our own wayu meat and vegetables. A bell on our table to call the waitress or waiter. When you ring they came running to your table! Sometimes the waitress just jumped in front of our table with a samourai sword and scream. So nice at a romantic dinner, haha. The japanese call this entertainment. The food was delicious, a great atmosphere and the people where very nice. We had a great evening.

Next morning we will leave to Hakone. A great natural area around mount Fuji. Bye, bye Tokyo. You cannot compare Tokyo with any other city. Everything is different and full of contradictions. The people, the architecture, the food and the culture amazed us every second of the day.

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