Day 15: Hiroshima

When you are traveling in Japan ofcourse Hiroshima is a must. The big historical impact on the world makes this place a must visit. We stayed only one night in Hiroshima so we booked a hotel close to the Memorial park. Next to our Hotel was a group of trees that has survived the A-bomb. Very unreal. It is also an weird idea to be aware of the fact that at the place we are standing and walking and sleeping now there was a bomb that has destroyed everything, building, nature and people. We have walked to the Memorial park and the monument. Thousands of people are still praying and memorizing every day here at the monument. I have to admit that it is impressive to see but on the other hand there is not much left to visit because everything has been destroyed. There is only a part of one building left. We did not visit the museum but in there you can see pictures and drawings and reconstructions of the disaster.
It was great we have seen it.

We did not discover any other places to visit in Hiroshima but a lot of people do not know that Hiroshima is the oyster capital of Japan. So we discovered a nice resaturant that was speciliazed in Oysters. In Europe we eat oysters rwas with lemon and sometimes with a soja based sauce. Here in Hiroshima they prepare Oysters on very diferent ways. Steamed, fried, cooked, marinaded etc. etc. We have eaten them in all kind of preparations and that was a delicious experience.

Next to our hotel there was a nive little temple. When we visited it we received the offical blessings from the monk and we were invited to enter the temple. In there Sandra got an offical stamp in here stamp-book with handpainted beautiful messages in Japanse classic hand-writing.

From here we go to Fukuoma.

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