Day 11-14: Kyoto

Kyoto is the previous main capital of Japan and full of history. This city has everything. Beautiful nature and parks, great shopping centers, delicious food, elgance, old and modern architecture, very nice characteristics neighbourhoods, Geisha’s and a lot of geisha’s for day! Ofcourse beautiful history and temples, temples and temples.

Our hotel was located in a indoor shopping street, very alive and very nice. Full with a variety of shops. Drugstores, antique book shops, boutiques, all kind of restaurants etc. We have never seen so much different shops in one street.

We have eaten the nicest meals of Japan. Shushi, tempura, yakkitori, tofu, meat, fish etc. We will put some pictures here but we will write a seperate blog about all the food because it is too much.

Most of the days we started with a japanese bruch in one of those typical japanese small restaurants.

So our days in Kyoto we concentrated on Temples, parks and food. Also a little bit of shopping.  The temples and surrounded parks are beautiful. Kyoto has some real big ones and hundreds of small temples. Intotal 1600 Temples. We have to admit that all temples are really different. So, here a selection of the temples we have visit. The Ginkaku-ji, Kennin-ji, Kunkaku-ji, Fushimi Inari, Higashi Honganji and Toji. Also a few small ones. On all temples we have prayed or we have done wishes for health, happiness, wisdom etc. for our family and friends. So, if you feel happier or better then it has worked !

Besides the emples we have visit he imperial palace and philopher’s path. The poncho chon and gion neigbourhood is fantastic. There is much more to see in Kyoto but we had to make choices. Below a mix of pictures of our days in Kyoto to show you an impression.

Kyoto is fantastic. We should stay here longer if we could.