Day 6-7 Kanazawa

We have stayed two days in Kanasawa. I nice sympatic town with a long history. In this town the Shogun has lived and there are still famous geisha schools. A lot of history to see and we had a great time.


Besides the beautiful town we had great overwelming experiences. The first one when we arrive at our Hotel. One guy helped us out of the taxi. Another guy got our suitcases from the car and put them at a trolley. A geisha women took the trolley and walked with us to the entrance where a bowing porter welcomes us. Inside at the end of the electric stairs a hostess was waiting, deep bowing ofcourse, and walked with us to the reception and introduces us to the receptionist. Another hostess brought nice warm wet refreshing handtowels and the receptionist did all the administration. The geisha woman arrived with our suitcases and handed them over to again another hostess who joined us to the hotel room and walked with us into the room and explained how everything works. So, 8 people were working with welcoming us and threated us as we where moviestars. What a service.

The second day we stayed in a Ryokan outside of Kanazawa. When we arrived a bowing men and women both dressed in traditional japanese outfits where standing in front of the Ryokan to welcome us, took our suitcases and inside the entrance we had to take of our shoes and they provide us with slippers they even had my size! The women (she took care of us all the time) gave us a tour through the beautiful ryokan and explain how everything works with the onsen (A japanes health spa). Ofcourse we have done an onsen session and joined the natural thermal source.


They gave us an jukata and this time big enough for me. All the time in the ryokan we had to wear the slippers and jukata. It was again a great experience how the japanese threats us as if we were the most important persons on earth.

Waiting at the station we had time to visit a beautiful store. When you enter a big warehouse at opening time all employees are welcoming you with a deep bow when you are passing their stand as if you are a king or queen. We were to late to make a video of us but it is so weird to see everybody bowing for you when you pass.





In kanasawa we have visited the Castle, the Kenroku-en garden (1 of the top 3 gardens in Japan), the market and the geisha district. All was impressive.