Day 2 Tokyo Food


No time for a real breakfast. So we bought sandwiches and drinks at the busstation. We have to say, good quality. The food at train and busstations is in general of a real high quality. As well for breakfast, lunch and diner.

Tea ceremony at Happo-en Garden

In this garden we  have had the famous japanese tea ceremony. The real traditional tea ceremony takes 4 hours but we had a 20 minutes versions. It is impressive to see the whole process around making the tea, warm it and drink it. Really nice to do. The tea itself is quite bitter but ofcourse you are not allowed to say you do not like it. This is not done and a real crime in Japan! You thank the tea master for the delicious tea.


Lunch at Chinzanso Garden

We were lucky that a part of our tour was a real japanese traditional meal.  A really good lunch called Yoganyaki (like a tepanyaki but on  lava stones). All food is freshly grilled in front of you. Several pieces of meat, vegetables prepared and served. Delicious!


Diner at a Sake bar in Ginza

We have found a nice little sake-bar in a cellar with only japanese people and not any recognisable word on the menu but they had a picture of some yakitori and we loved to eat this. It was not really a restaurant. It was a bar where you also can eat. The normal silent and stylish japanase people are changing in to loud laughing and noisy people when they have drunk sake. So funny to see and hear. The sake was really special and the food was good. The service and atmosphere was excellent. So nice to experience real japanese places. The adress and name of the place ? The bar is called Jogo somewhere in the sidestreets of Ginza. We really do not remember the adress.

Day 1 Arrival

After a fantastic flight (with Champagne dinner at the plane) we arrived at Narita Airport. It was great they had  signs also in English so we could find our luggage. High security procedures. Filling in forms, they took fingerprints and a picture.



Then we had to pick-up our JapanRailPass. Our vouchers had all the details but again we had to fill in everything again on other forms. The japanese people are extremely friendly and help where ever they can. After this we picked up our mobile wifi equipment at the post-office so we have internet connection everywhere.



With  the Narita Express to Tokyo. Trains are exactly on time. Clean and lots of space. Our Hotel is located in the Ginza district. A very nice and busy area with millions of shops and restaurants. After a nap of a few hours we started to look around in the district to find a place to eat.


We met a local couple, Pan and Aikido who brought us to their favourite sushi place. Impossible to find if you do not know where it is. Somewhere in a building on the 5th floor. Only place for about 12 people. Wow! Never had such a great sushi in our life. The sushi-chef, Master Kogure runs this place at his own already for 30 years. All fish is bought this morning at the fish-market. On sunday this place is closed, like most of the good fish restaurants, because there is no fish market on sundays and they only serve fresh fish.

So, after this great dinner and strawling through this neigbourhood with all great shops and restaurants we will go to sleep. This was a super nice first day in Japan where locals took us to nice places we should have never found ourselves. Tomorrow a real tourist day! Visiting some hightlights of Tokyo with a tour guide.