Day 20-21 Travel

Back from Beppu To Narita. We has made the choice to this part also by train. It is an 8.5 hours journey but with the great Japan trains it is really nice journey. We had to change trains 3 times but it is all very confortable. Our travel schedule: Beppu … More

Day 18-19: Beppu

Our last town of our vacation. Beppu is really special. A small town famous for the ‘onsen’ (natural thermal baths) and hot-springs. Our hotel has 2 onses, anprivate one for only hotel guests and a public one. After arrival we have visited the monkey park. A natural area where about … More

Day 16-17: Fukuoka

We decided to visited this town after a documentary on TV. We stayed in an Hotel in a area that did not look very nice during the day but in the evening with all the lights from the restaurants it was a very nice area. Our brunch was a ramen … More

Day 15: Hiroshima

When you are traveling in Japan ofcourse Hiroshima is a must. The big historical impact on the world makes this place a must visit. We stayed only one night in Hiroshima so we booked a hotel close to the Memorial park. Next to our Hotel was a group of trees … More

Day 11-14: Kyoto

Kyoto is the previous main capital of Japan and full of history. This city has everything. Beautiful nature and parks, great shopping centers, delicious food, elgance, old and modern architecture, very nice characteristics neighbourhoods, Geisha’s and a lot of geisha’s for day! Ofcourse beautiful history and temples, temples and temples. … More

Day 8-10 Osaka

After the nice relaxed calm Kanazawa we arrived in the busy, crowded, noisy Osaka. Also Japan but totally different. Osaka is a harbour city with a violent past. The city is very alive, big buildings, lots of people. Our Hotel was located in a big and high building and we … More

Day 9 Osaka Sumo Wrestling

  We have visited a live sumo wrestling tournament. Wow! That was amazing. the public, the stadium, everything was overwelming. Thousands of people were waiting outside the stadium to catch a glimp of their heroes. I have no words for to express how it was so just look at the … More

Day 6-7 Kanazawa

We have stayed two days in Kanasawa. I nice sympatic town with a long history. In this town the Shogun has lived and there are still famous geisha schools. A lot of history to see and we had a great time.     Besides the beautiful town we had great … More

Day5: Hakone Mount Fuji

We left our big suitcases in a locker at Tokyo Station and only took our backpacks for a trip to Hakone. From a crowded energetic Tokyo to a famous natural environment. The nice thing here is you can do a roundtrip with five different means of transport. We started with … More

Day 4: Last day in Tokyo

Tsukiji market Already the last day in Tokyo. What a wonderful city. We decided to visit the Tsukiji market, the biggest fish market of the world. It was on walking distance from our hotel. We also wanted to have breakfast there and to see some activity you have to be … More